Scouting- what's that?


I call scouting my work with individuals, that like to have a companion on their way to no-self, to awakening. My role in this is pretty much like a mountain guide- someone who knows the territory and its pitfalls. I offer my assistance in order to keep you from losing track and help you to reach your destination as soon and safe as possible. That said, my main job is to make myself unnecessary.


The process of awakening can be extremely painful and confusing- no wonder, since it is about killing the ego- at least seemingly. The threat to the ego often results in massive resistance and states of severe crisis. These symptoms are commonly interpreted as psychological disorders or life crisis. As your scout I can help you to pin down your experiences and give hints for your further journey.



What exactly do you do as scout?


As your scout I will be available for the entire time of your awakening. You can contact me on a daily basis via email or phone. Approximately once a week, we will have a face-to-face (or skype) session for about 2 hours. During this session, we have conversations, do some meditation and/or body work (e.g. relaxation techniques)- depending on your needs. From time to time it will be necessary to give you a little push- and it might be necessary as well to blow up some rocks of your ego at other times. This approach is pretty violent, thus not suitable for everyone- but it is pretty effective as well. Paradoxically, at the end of the road you will see clearly that 'I'/self/ego never existed to begin with- which is why in Zen they call it the 'gateless gate'.



What requirements are necessary to hire you as scout?


  • Psychological and physical health: If one wants to climb a mountain, it is mandatory to be very skillful at walking, climbing and hiking. In this process your ego/self will be massively destabilized. Thus, you should by all means have a stable and mature personality beforehand. That said: If you suffer from any severe psychological, mental or physical illness I strongly recommend to complete your therapy first! Moreover, you shouldn't suffer from drug or other addictions- I need to be able to talk to you, not to a substance. In any case you definitely should mention in the free preliminary talk even the tiniest detail, that could cause complications. A very dysfunctional personality can be of great risk for him/her self and/or others, when awakened! (Actually a person never awakens, but awareness- but I disregard this on purpose in order to point out the possible dangers here.)

  • Honesty: You don't need to like me- but you should trust me in order to be really, burtally honest about yourself and your process. Of course, everything we speak about will be handled with absolute discretion. It is pretty likely, that during the process I will point out blind spots to you- which will consequently result in resistance. The resistance will be more easily to overcome, the more honest you are with yourself. Moreover, the easier it is for you to bring out your trash, the easier the whole 'inner decluttering' will work.

  • Focus: This is about you and your process only. Your about to enter an extremely exciting and as well exhausting period fo your life. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to quit your job and move to a cave in the wilderness. But you and your process should be of top priority for the entire time! I might need to remind you of this at times- e.g. when I just pushed you... ;-)

  • Commitment: Actually an ego/self can't decide to kill itself. No one really choses to do so. In that sense, it is not that you chose to awaken- quite the opposite: Awakening choses you. No matter how this happened or can be: In a sense, you have to feel the strong and unambiguous impulse. A feeling of 'No matter what- even if it kills me- I absolutely have to wake up.' should be there.



I want to hire you as scout- now what?


First of all I recommend you to consider this again carefully. This offer is no cakewalk, definitely not suitable for everyone and it is completely on your own risk and responsibility!


You want to do it anyway? Ok, I've warned you!


In this case, please use the contact form below. At best you describe some of your backgrounds, important points of your personal history etc.


Next, we meet/skype/phone for a free preliminary talk.


After this, we take some time (two days, for instance) and after that let each other know, if we want to work together. When that's clear we start right away and embark on the journey towards the end of your world!



Prizes: I don't have fixed prizes. I think awakening- or more precisely to be accompanied in this process shouldn't be a money issue. Apart from that, my efforts vary pretty much, depending on the individual that hires me as scout. If you have absolutely no money, it could be that I need to postpone my work with you to a later point- since I also need to pay my rent and buy some food- unfortunately...


In case you have no or little money, but can offer something else in exchange- let me know! I'm up to negotiate about payments.



Contract: Apart from the disclaimer of liability (once again: you do this on your own risk and responsibility!) the contract is about the scope of my services and terminability. You can terminate at any time, whilst I can only terminate the contract in case you violate our agreements (e.g. don't pay the negotiated prize or don't match the requirements).