Actually there's not much to say about me. I am nothing manifesting as consciousness in the appearance of a human being. Just like you. And that's it for that matter. ;-)











Depending on at which point of your journey you are, this will now satisfy you less or more.


In case you still feel the need to figure out or categorize things, beings and entities, I provide you with some features of the actionfigure at play over here:




  • born in 1976

  • mother since 2004

  • free-lancer for 10 years as stage dance and dance teacher in various styles, e.g. modern dance, street dance, ballet, contact improvisation. End of career due to a knee injury.

  • Yoga practitioner (and teacher) since more than 15 years in various styles, e.g. Hatha, Bikhram, Vinyasa

  • diploma in psychology (the German equivalent of a masters degree), with focus on neuroscience

  • meditation practitioner for more than 4 years, focussing on mindfulness meditation and Zazen

  • teacher for relaxation methods, such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, Yoga etc.

  • Psychotherapy I: was useful in order to continue functioning in live/dream

  • Psychotherapy II: was useful to realize that another psychotherapy would be counterproductive for awakening

  • multiple traumas: have been accepted, seen through and transcended during the process of awakening. Today I'm grateful for each one.

  • awakened since spring 2015- and this is not the end, but the beginning

  • important inlfuences on my jounrey (apart from life itself):

    • Jon Kabat-Zinn: a great start for anti-esoteric people and science lovers, that simply want to lead a calmer life.

    • Stephen Batchelor: a prominent representative of a secular take on Buddhism. Suitable for everyone who doesnt believ in reincarnation.

    • Brad Warner: straight talk about Zen, enlightenment and meditation. Very direct and clear, still entertaining due to the extra ingredients of punkrock, movie quotes and foul language. Points out very disticnt, that meditation is foremost hard and boring work.

    • Adyashanti: calls himself 'an awakening guy'. His main thema is exclusively the process of awakening. He is very precise about this, which is good for a better understanding- but he is also very polite, which is disadavantegous for ego death.

    • Jed McKenna: His enlightenment trilofy literally made my head explode. In an instant I knew what was happening to me and what kind of a journey I signed up for. In a shockingly honest way he clears the spiritual marketplace and cuts through legends and myths, built around enlightenment. Our subsequent contact was incredibly helpful for awakening. His bullshit detector works precisely and he has a very fine tuned sense of timing to blow up ego stuff. In my work as a scout I employ many of his metaphors and techniques.

  • I gained further impulses and inspiriations through the works of: Pema Chödrön, Noah Levine, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Tony Parsons, Alan Watts, Scott Kiloby, the people from the website liberation unleashed, Jeff Foster, Paul Hedderman and many others-since I'm still interested in and entertained by the whole enlightenment issue this list could be continually amplified ...

  • still not enough? I will write blogposts about certain themes and try to illuminate some backgrounds in further detail. In case you have the burning desire to ask something or givesome feedback, feel free to use the contact form below.