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You're full of shit.




No joke.




From the moment you were born you were infiltrated by all that shit that makes up the world.


And this went on.


And on.


For years- in many cases for decades.




And things didn't work out.


And you had no clue why.


And maybe things got even worse.


And you got even more bewildered.


Clueless, helpless, hopeless.




And then, for whatever apparent reason, you started out your search.


You- or more precisely some inner bastard, some itching voice came up and told you:


This is not it.


There must be something more to live.


I'm missing out on something.




And, if you were lucky, you got things right from that starting point and started out to search for Truth.


And if you happened to be less lucky, you started out searching and spended all your money to greedy and deluded folks, like for instance Deepak Chopra, thereby adding even more non-sensical shit, to the huge pile of shit that you were already completely stuffed with, from the inside.




So, first things first:


See clearly that you're completely and entirely full of shit.


Moreover: Realize, that all this shit has to go in order to clear your view towards Truth.


Then, take a moment and contemplate on the fact, that not only the stuff is shit that you yourself considered to be shit. But that especially your most beloved assumptions, those believes you cherish the most- are part of this shit that makes up the illusion of you.




So, once more: You are full of shit.


There is nothing else in the bag entitled 'you'.


Everything inside this bag is identical with: S.H.I.T.


The whole bag and all of what's inside it has to be removed.


And when this is done, you're done with your part on the enlightenment thing.


Then you're pretty likely one of the next lucky, emptied out former shit-bags to fall into grace.



Simple- but not easy.




Each and every one of us once had a kind of spiritual practice.
Each and every one of us at a certain point in life (for most it was adolescence, but there are varieties of this, of course) had the same questions, such as:

What's going on here?
Who am I?
What's the sense of life, if there is any?
What will happen when I die?
What am I missing?
Is there something I'm not capable to see?
Is there something behind all that?

After some time, most of us found some kind of 'answers' or more precisely: some kind of compromise, how to navigate through this thing called live in a more or less satisfying way.

Some chose jobs, career, making money or doing some work they loved. Some focused more on relationships, finding a partner, becoming parents etc. Others chose to struggle, to be outcasts, drug addicts, criminals, homeless. Others chose to be task switchers- picking something from everything that was available.
Most of us just forgot. We forgot the big questions, because we couldn't find sufficient answers and started to keep ourselves busy with whatever.

There are even so called spiritual seekers that use the very search for answers and meaning to numb themselves, to wall off themselves from ever getting the answers- cause they're afraid of what would happen, once the search is over...


Stop, dear friends. Turn around and go back to square zero. Ask the same questions all over again and don' t get satisfied by the first answers that come up. Dwell on them, immerse in them- let your self drown in them. Do this until every movement, every yearning stops. By that you will reach a point where your mind and heart explode. Then take a deep look- and find out what's really true.


This is not easy, but very, very simple.



And then, ultimately everything will fall into place.

Nothing will be left over-

and there you will find peace.
























What enlightenment really is- and what it's really not!


Enlightenment is:


  • The realization that every 'thing' no matter how solid it might appear is dream stuff- made from awareness, arising in awareness and dissolving into awareness. Thus everything is awareness.
  • All is One or all there is is awareness is closely related if not similar to realizing that all equals nothing. With the paradox included that nothing is per definition non-existent.
  • That said, all there is is nothingness pretending to be something- including everything that ever was, ever will be and all infinite potential that may or may not manifest itself...
  • The complete, irreversible and forever deepening realization of all the above- as in: This being your living reality- that is enlightenment.

Enlightenment is NOT:

  • Eternal bliss- this simply does not exist (even less than nothingness 'exists'). Since everything is in constant flux forever, there is only nothing that remains the same eternally! There are only two reasons I can imagine, why this is often promoted differently: First, there are many people around who think they are enlightened but actually don't have the least clue what this is really about. The second is: Indeed in a sense the realization that you are ultimately nothing such as anything else is a total liberation from everything- after that you can't take things really serious any more. But that is not bliss, but if anything I'd call this contentment. Whatever happens after that cannot bother you - but at the same time it won't stop you from having negative feelings or thoughts- which is quite logical! If you are really liberated, why bother about negativity? It's just obvious then, that even the most negative emotion is just part of the game you're in, thus can't be taken really serious ...
  • Moreover eternal bliss, cosmic consciousness and all related new age-esoteric-fairy tale-wishful thinking-concepts deny their opposites, such as anger, fury, tragedy, sorrow, war, murder, greed and so on. This denial is naive, stupid and completely trapped in dual thinking. Non-duality encompasses all there is (even the stupidity I just pointed out). With all meaning everything and even no thing at all.

That said enlightenment is also NOT about:

  • Kundalini awakenings
  • gaining magic powers
  • mastery of the laws of attraction
  • receiving messages from angels or aliens
  • walking on water and so on.

Sorry to dispel these myths (no actually I'm not sorry at all- so sorry for not being sorry if that makes sense) It is quite ordinary in fact and the most natural 'thing' one can imagine. Moreover it has nothing (really!) to do with believe, religion or esoteric stuff. Any myths about this issue just serve to block you from seeing it for yourself.


To sum it up:

  • You don't get anything from enlightenment. The only 'benefit' is a fundamental loss of whatever world view and self awareness you may have had 'before'.
  • It is a clear seeing of all that is and is not, including falseness and the only truth that exists: you are nothing and nothing is all.
  • All manifestations, may it be religions, politics, medicine, science, your career, your family, your self are just dream stuff, as in bullshit. This is why I favour the term awakening over enlightenment. Everything is enlightened already, all the time- independent of anyone noticing that. The crucial difference is whether or not 'you' are aware of this fact. The difference is whether you are asleep in the dream or you wake up from it to realize that what you were thinking to be 'you' was only a dream character with no substance at all.

And paradoxically:

Whilst awakening is not about achieving anything, but quite the opposite, it is the best (no)thing anyone can 'do' in a lifetime.

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Press release from the Cosmic Ordering Service 


Dear Humans!


I receive plenty of orders from you each nanosecond, for ages. If you ever wondered why most of your orders are not delivered, here is why:


Pretty much of the stuff you want is stuff that you don't need.

But it's worse than that, since for the majority of your orders their delivery would be a complete disservice- not only to your little self, but as well to your fellow sentient beings.
As a matter of fact, most of you are way too deluded to order the right things and the ones that have a clear view are in perfect alignment with my plans. Which is the reason why the latter would never address me with silly orders- or wise or any other kind of orders, for that matter. Those are fine with what they have, moment by moment.

Thus, back to the former kind of people, the vast majority:
Even some of what you might call your best and most honourable wishes, such as wishing for peace on earth are short-sighted and selfish. Don't believe me? Ask yourself: Is humans peace on earth the same as peace on earth for earth itself or other animals or plants?
So, you might be asking, how comes that my orders are of such poor quality?
Truth is, your brains were not designed to predict the future or to take an almost infinite number of factors into account- both things desperately needed for making real good decisions!

No worries about that!
Your brains are perfect for what they were designed to do.
First, they provide you with sufficient means to navigate through this dream called life.
Second, whenever you've had enough of the first point and you're fed up with all this mess, your brain has the built-in feature to help you realize that all this is just a dream.

That said, there is really no need for you to order all this crap. Moreover, it's the wrong address!

My job is to save you from what you want and provide you with what you really need instead.

I just rarely do this in plain view- cause that would bore me to death and I'm sure you would not be happy to be the inhabitant of a dying universe, would you?


So, here are my orders for you, humanity:

All I want you to do is pay close attention to the various signposts, hints and pointers I provide all the time.
I want you to stop complaining and open your eyes to see all the gifts you refuse to unwrap all the times.
To be clear on that: It is totally up to you! I will never run out of time, neither patience- but, how about you? Do you have an endless amount of time?
In case you feel 'no', ask yourself the following questions:
Are you willing to let go off your pride, greed, self-righteousness long enough to make some space for humility and gratefulness to sneak in?
Are you brave enough to take a clear, deep look into all the so-called hardships I offered you and see, they were never meant to be punishments but presents in order to help you to evolve?
Did it by the way ever occur to you that your shut-down attitude might be the very reason that blocks you from perceiving my gifts as such?
Did you ever have the notion, that a considerable heartbreak might at times be the only possible way to give you a break at all?

Look for the patterns! They are there, right in front of you. Take your little selfish self out of the equation- just for a moment, just long enough to see, how every thing else falls into place perfectly! As long as you don't stand in the way it is (anyway), with your ideas about the way it should be (no matter what), everything is absolutely perfect. Even you, attached to your little 'me'.

Now, that you've read this far, I can tell you the real and ultimate reason for not reacting on your diverse orders:
Ultimately, dear human friend, you and me are the same.

You are the universe and the universe is you.
We could call us 'youniverse' for that matter.

So why the freakin hell do you keep pretending all the time that you'd like something else instead of what you already have? Why do you pretend to be someone/something else instead of who and what you already are?
Why do you pretend there would be some entity much bigger than you, that should be asked for a change?
It is you that creates your entire reality.

In fact you are it.
You are everything- whether you like it or not.

Wake up and deal with it!


Sincerely yours,

the Universe








The tragedies of spiritual seekers and sceptical minds


[Disclaimer: The following is a rough and of course oversimplified classification of two types of people and their advantages&disadvantages in the light of spirituality. I'm totally aware that this is only a heuristic model and should not be mistaken for reality. Of course, each and every human being is totally unique in its expression. The oversimplified view promoted here is only a means to point out certain issues.]


So, let's start:

Spirituality as it is often promoted- and distorted- especially by New-Age-and the like-movements is attracting a certain kind of people. Those often are sensitive, caring and have a tendency for creative thinking and a rich fantasy. They prefer harmony over critical discourses and tend to mix up wishful thinking with what's actually going on.
While the advantage of those people commonly attracted to somewhat esoteric concepts is their open mindedness, the disadvantage is found on the same coin, if you flip it- it's their lack of scepticism.

They want to believe that they are higher beings, purifying themselves and thereby rising their vibrations, or whatever folks in those realms tend to do.

They want to believe in messages from angels channelled through the mouths of some deluded and greedy person, that actually just wants to make a living and lacks the balls to claim authorship for what's being said or written. The wishful seekers want it so much, they want to feel good and holy at any cost- and they pay the highest prize imaginable. They pay the prize of truth to live (or continue living) in a fantasized fairy tale dream world.
That's -seen from the relative perspective- the real tragedy. Since those people started their search for a reason- but fail to reach their goal cause they end up even more deluded as they started out. Now they think they found truth where all they found is an even bigger lie.

(Of course, seen from the absolute 'perspective' there is no such thing as tragedy- but the absolute never speaks, so you won't ever see a blog entry with any word that comes directly from this 'place'- and even less likely a somewhat 'absolute' blog entry dealing with something like a 'tragedy' or a 'problem'.)


To sum it up: The tragedy of many if not most 'spiritual people' is that they trade their search for truth for a bad bargain, since ultimately ego and the wish to feel good remains in control and is even reinforced.


Moreover, those people are pretty vulnerable to fall into traps like what is called in Zen 'makyo'. Makyo is roughly a kind of devils or demons world. It addresses the well-known phenomenon that meditators experience hallucinations from time to time- which,scientifically speaking, is a consequence of sense deprivation. My broke down version of explanation is: Your neurons lack work, since no new information comes in. At a certain point your neurons kinda get bored and start out doing stuff on their own. This results in very compelling and seemingly 'real' perceptions. Glowing meditation cushions, walls that get transparent or start to move and other weird stuff. If one has a good enough teacher, then you're lucky cause the teacher will tell you that it's nothing of importance and you should not make such a fuss out of it. If you're not so lucky you can get completely lost in Makyo, think you're the new messiah and/or end up in a mental hospital being treated for psychosis.


On the other hand the problem with critical minds is kind of a reversal. Those who can bear to stand alone, those who love nothing more than truth often get lost in the realms of the materialistic world view. They might become great scientists but tend to avoid anything that has the slightest taste of being spiritual. During their studies they are told for instance, that first person inquiry would be 'unscientific'- which is not only false, but twists reality in a way that perfectly blocks them from starting out fresh, taking the courage and dive into an adventure. In other words: Those people often lack the openness to explore. If they had the courage and openness to rigorously examine what old vedic teachings, Buddhism, numerous new teachings etc. have to offer- they would be the ones to most likely reach the holy Grail of truth in an instant. But, as already said, those people quite often refuse to give it a try and look for themselves. They might end up as cynics, oriented only to the outside, have lots of arguments with others- in short: lead a quite unfulfilled life and maybe will be blaming others to be dreamers while not realizing their own deep dream state.


In comparison:
The spiritual Bambis lack scepticism and instead employ too much in wishful thinking, where the spiritual allergics lack the openness and employ too much in the lie of objectivity.
Ultimately they're all living a lie and they probably won't experience real contentment.


That said, as far as I see it- with myself and with many others I teached, scouted and coached until now- the best prerequisites for searching and finding the truth, are: open mindedness AND scepticism simultaneously. If you add some courage, endurance and of course luck to this base your success in finding the truth will be almost inevitable.


Ultimately non of these issues matter- but maybe you find yourself in one of these categories and are up to take the challenge and see if you could engage a bit more into the other way. Wish you good luck in doing so! If you feel you lack a substantial portion of the prerequisites my advice would be to find a good teacher/guide/scout whatever you may call it and get some help. In any case: all the best too you, dear reader!