Hello and welcome to my website!


This site is dedicated to (spiritual) seekers. My aim is to provide fresh insights on awakening, non duality and the means (if there are any) how to proceed on your journey. The German version has more content by now, since I am German speaker. Due to the increasing interest in my work from people  all over the world, I started to built an English version.

Apart from blog posts you can find events here, there is a section about me/the story of me and of course my main offer, that is: you can hire me as your personal scout on your spiritual path.

If you have questions, feedback, want to attend one of my workshops or hire me as scout (which can be done online as well as face-to-face),please feel free to use the contact form below!


Also, if you find any weird expressions that are hurtful to read for a native English speaker- I'd be very grateful to improve- so please let me know!